Responsibilities of Traders

The SSAP-RED program will offer “certification” to traders who wish to make an SSAP-RED sustainability claim. This is likely of interest for traders exporting to the EU. A trader is defined as a company that is trading SSAP-RED certified material, i.e. purchasing material from an SSAP-RED certified company and selling it to another company. The supplying certified company could be either a certified FGP (First Gathering Point) or another certified trader. The trader is responsible for receiving valid “SSAP-RED sustainability declarations” from the supplying company.

Traders who wish to be certified can apply for a certification process with the Certification Body.

Once certified, the trader will be authorized to issue “SSAP-RED sustainability declarations” linked to soybeans as they are being traded further along the supply chain. This declaration will be part of the export documentation and follow the consignment to the crushing facility in Europe.